Thermal Spas & Well-being

Relaxation in brief

Thermal spas and well-being are the result of expert cognitive-experiential contamination and today in Emilia Romagna it is possible to benefit from truly hi-tech centres. The fusion of millenary oriental cultures, such as ayurvedic therapies from India (ayurveda, in Sanskrit आयुर्वेद, a word composed by ayu = life and veda = knowledge and can therefore be translated as the science of life), shiatsu from Japan (shi = finger and atsu = pressure), Chinese plantar reflexology, Finnish saunas or Arab hammams, with ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian knowledge and traditions (such as hydrotherapy) and western techniques has today given life to highly specialised thermal spa centres that offer spa treatments, such as balneotherapy and hydrotherapy, and a vast range of services (including, for example, massages, saunas and Turkish baths) for the health and harmony of the body and mind. Ideal places for finding, as the Romans said, mens sana in corpore sano - a healthy mind in a healthy body.

We can no doubt attribute the passion for thermal spas to the ancient Romans. Spas were used by the entire Roman population as places to relax, socialize and gain well-being and were exported to all colonized areas. Roman thermal spas were public buildings with what we would now refer to as hygienic-sanitary systems. These buildings were the precursors of today’s systems and were one of the main places ancient Romans met.
Thermal spa and wellness centres are proof of just how beneficial and healthy the contamination of different cultures can be.

A curious fact: maybe not everyone knows that…

Various sources indicate a spa as an acronym of Salum Per Aquam (health by water) although, in fact, this proverb never existed in the Latin period. It seems to be an imaginary etymology of the  term, a mere case of popular etymology, in other words, a false acronym.
The term spa derives directly from the small Belgian town of Spa, famous since ancient times for its mineral waters. The town of Spa began to expand during the 16th century when the reputation of its waters favoured trade in the city. Thanks to its popularity with British tourists, the name of the town of Spa become a general term used for everything to do with thermal treatment, initially in English and then in other languages too.



Today thermal spas are, to all intents and purposes, medical health facilities where technological progress and scientific research guarantee highly effective treatment, especially in the field of prevention. The thermal waters of the spas in Emilia Romagna help find harmony of the body and mind and naturally prevent and combat many disorders of a rheumatic, respiratory, gynaecological and dermatological nature, as well as metabolic and hormonal dysfunctions.
Emilia Romagna has two types of thermal water: those containing sodium chloride, bromide and iodine for external use and sulphurous water for inhalation treatments. Despite having different pharmacological benefits, in some cases their association is extremely useful.

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