S. Andrea Bagni and Medesano

The charm of an uncontaminated environment

The capital has ancient origins and the place name “Medesano” has been identified by intellectuals as originating from the Roman “Medianum”, which appears on the “Tabula Alimentaria” found in Velleia, dating back to the days of Trajan. Medesano is crossed by the Via Francigena, which is still travelled by numerous pilgrims journeying to Rome.

The landscape of the Recchio Valley is of particular naturalistic interest due to the relief that rise up suddenly from the hills, looking like huge boulders sculpted by the hand of nature. From the hamlet of Varano Marchesi it is possibile to travel a series of high altitude panoramic footpaths of unquestionable charm, among oaks and chestnut trees. Also in Varano Marchesi, an enthnographic museum has been created, featuring farming items, with an educational section dedicated to the area’s history; the cast of the Jubilee Stone found in Roccalanzona, an element which is unique in its kind and bears witness to the Jubilee arranged by Boniface VIII in 1300, is of considerable importance.

Two kilometres from Felegara lies Sant’Andrea Bagni, the best known hamlet within the municipal area. Its centuries of national fame are due to its health-giving waters which bubble up from the Rio Fabbro valley. Several items have been found which indicate that, in Roman times, the Sant’Andrea waters were used for their curative properties.


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Not to be missed

"Parma's Switzerland" offers woods and meadows which alternate with one another in an endless sequence of colours. The "Passeggiata delle Fonti" (Walk of the springs), an itinerary running for 2 kilometres through a narrow valley where pure, crystalline waters run, is an absolute must.


Last Sunday in July: San Giacomo Fair in Medesano, 10 days of events, shows, art, gastronomy and a market.
From mid January to mid February: Sant’Agnese Fair in Felegara, a month of events and historical, folk and popular pageants.
Last Sunday in October: "Cioccolandia una favola di cioccolato" (celebration of chocolate) in Medesano.

Good Food

Different places serving traditional Parma cuisine. Simple dishes full of taste and flavour: cappelletti (stuffed pasta) in meat stock, tortelli stuffed with herbs, potato and pumpkin, potato gnocchi and pasta served with Porcini mushroom ragout; “alla cacciatora” (chicken and rabbit stewed in a tomato, wine and herb sauce), wild boar and polenta, pork served in a thousand different ways.


Those who enjoy fishing can do so in the River Taro and nearby in the lakes of La Cagnola. There are extensive areas open for hunting hare and pheasant. Lake for water sports (excluding motor sports). Managed by C.U.S. Parma.

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