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"I go to Milan. A stop for an hour or in Parma for the sublime frescoes of Correggio. The Madonna blessed by Jesus, in the library, fills me eyes with tears"…"I will never be able to forget the lowered eyes of the Virgin, her impassioned pose, the simplicity of her clothes" (Stendhal-1817)

Parma is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy… and it knows it only too well. Suffice to see the care and attention with which it is kept. The first time, visitors come here out of curiosity. Then they continue… out of love. There’s no point trying to resist; this town is sensual, even sensorial, gratifying all the senses with its sophisticated joie de vivre. Unsurprisingly, Parma (and its province) are considered “the capital of top quality gastronomy”.
A visit to the monasteries and mediaeval castles of this poetic territory is a must. See the castles of Fontanellato or Montechiarugolo in the municipality of the Terme di Monticelli or its thermal spa centre or the Liberty-style thermal spa of Salsomaggiore Terme. But the thermal offer of the Parma area doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the generosity of its precious waters, this area offers the most complete thermal spa system in Europe and includes the spas of Tabiano and S. Andrea and Baistrocchi and Monticelli and Salsomaggiore, as mentioned previously.

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