Salvarola Spa

The existing well-known spa treatment areas are now joined by “Balnea”, a state-of-the-art Wellbeing Centre covering 2300 sq m. Spa Pools at different temperatures, whirlpools and water games, vascular courses, steam bath, large sauna, cardiofitness, free exercises, spinbike gyms, oriental techniques, rehabilitation and a Spa Clinic Sensory Beauty Centre offering a wide range of treatments: from wine therapy to traditional balsamic vinegar treatments, from EcoBioTermale® cosmetics made with cherries to therapies for getting back into shape and oriental therapies, such as the Kerala course, plus effective Anti-Aging techniques to delay the effects of time. Special attention is devoted to entertaining activities and relaxation in the pools and gyms, for a little bit of self-pampering.


Sodium chloride-bromideiodide. Sulphurous–sodiumchloride- bicarbonateterrous- alkaline. Sulphurous-bicarbonatemagnesium. Sulphurousbicarbonate- terrous-alkaline.


Classic spa treatments. Rehabilitative treatments, Balnea Wellbeing Centre with 5 spa pools (at different temperatures with whirlpool massage and water games), 4 gyms, Spa Clinic Sensory Beauty Centre with lights, colours, perfumes and emotional sounds. Natural treatments, Outpatients.


Hotel Terme Salvarola ****, innovative treatments: Wine- Therapy, EcoBioTermali® treatments made with organic cherries, Treatments enhanced with nascent oxygen.


Hotel Terme Salvarola****
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