Sant’Agnese Spa (Bagno di Romagna)

The famous springs of Terme di S. Agnese bubble up in the middle of a splendid National Park, just 500 metres above sea level, between Romagna and Tuscany, lands of hospitality by tradition. This virtuous water comes to us today after 700 long years spent resting underground, where it is purified, heated and mineralised, enabling us to regain a natural state of wellbeing. The thermal use of the spring of S. Agnese is recorded in historical documents dating as far back as the 1st century AD, in Roman times, but the modern construction of the Terme di S. Agnese was commissioned by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Leopoldo II who opened the baths to the public on 21 March 1828. Whirlpool baths, mud treatments, massages, rehabilitation in the water, natural caves, spa pools with whirlpool baths, bathing therapy, vascular course, wellbeing and beauty packages for the body; a variety of treatments that are just a small part of the vast range offered by the Centre.


Hyper-thermal (45°C) and thermal (39°C) bicarbonatealkaline- sulphurous mineral water, sulphurous-bicarbonate low mineral content water.


Spa treatments, rehabilitation treatments, indoor and outdoor spa pools, Wellbeing Centre.


Natural caves with hyperthermal and thermal springs, Rheumatic Illness Centre. Brand new respiratory treatment department, renewed gym, completely renovated Hotel annexed to the spa centre.


Hotel Terme S. Agnese****



10 April 2009
6 January 2010


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