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The perfect pair for health

The great variety offered by our region makes it hard to choose what might suit you best: from the coast of our bustling riviera in summer to snow-capped peaks in winter, and between them vast expanses of green countryside dotted with lakes to be admired all year round. Our endless verdant plains have allowed us to create 22 championship golf courses for a single green fee, an ideal destination for all lovers of golf and other outdoor sports.

In the midst of so much nature, all the flavours of yesteryear are waiting to be discovered, the flavours of tradition and of specialities still made lovingly by hand. The food and wine delights of Emilia Romagna, famous throughout the world, certainly need little presentation! Delicious and genuine flavours for all tastes, that you can explore by following our Wine and Flavour Roads…

Curiosities on golf: maybe you didn’t know…

One widespread urban legend claims that the sport of golf takes its name from the initials of "Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden", but this seems to be totally unfounded, whatever your point of view. Like most modern words, “golf” is derived from old languages and dialects, in this case Dutch and mediaeval Scots. The word "kolf" or "kolve" in early Dutch meant "club", and it is believed that the word then passed into Scots, an old dialect transforming the word into "golve", "gowl" or "gouf”. The word “golf” appeared definitively in the 16th century.

Curiosities on flavours: maybe you didn’t know…

A key figure in regional cultural is the “Azdora” or “Arzdora”, the person in the home upon whose work and dedication the household relied. A dictionary of Romagna dialect tells us in fact that the word means “housewife”, the woman who was the ruler and sovereign of the house. The nominal head of the household was the “Arzdor”, the husband and father, occupying the highest position in the family hierarchy, who managed the money and other important matters, and the task of the “Arzdora”, usually the wife of the “Arzdor”, was to look after the house, prepare food and do all other necessary household chores. For people from Romagna therefore, the “Arzdora” has always been a well-loved institution.

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