Well-being (from the words well and to be = "feeling well” or "living well") is a state that involves all the aspects of being a human being. Even the report by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Polices (in which the European section of the WHO participated) proposed the definition of well-being as “the emotional, mental, social and spiritual state of well-being that permits people to reach and maintain their personal potential in society”. As the report reads, all five aspects are important, but what is most important is that these are balanced, in order to permit individuals to improve their state of well-being.

The search for well-being or wellness has led to the development of centres that target reaching an overall state of complete relaxation, with treatments that focus on the improvement of the physical and mental state.

Therefore, feeling good and looking after ourselves, pampering ourselves or being pampered in a totally relaxing and comfortable atmosphere - like that offered by the centres of Emilia Romagna where the key word is wellness - are something we owe ourselves. On stepping into one of our centres, guests will experience a new philosophy of life, based on inner and outer harmony. All our centres employ operators ready to look after and pamper guests, in line with the philosophy of well-being.

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