Inhalation treatments


Through special appliances, tiny particles of water (for some treatments even just particles of gas) reach our respiratory apparatus, bringing the benefits of thermal waters to the throat, bronchial tracts and lungs. Inhalation treatments have both a therapeutic and preventative effect, helping the organism to defend itself from external attacks and colds. 


Pulmonary ventilation cycle


Through controlled respiratory exercise, pulmonary ventilation favours the return of the respiratory capacity of lungs affected by pathologies that have caused a partial inability to expand and function correctly. Inhalation treatments, which are carried out after the integrated pulmonary ventilation cycle, complete the therapy.


Rhinogenic deafness cycle


This therapy consists in the appliance of endotympanic insufflations and/or politzer along with inhalation cures. Insufflations and politzers, use only the gas from thermal waters which are taken to the auditory organs and the middle ear, favouring the return of auditory capacity temporarily reduced following, for example colds. This type of treatment is often used for children who often suffer from a reduction in hearing following recurring colds or otitis.

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