Hydropinic treatment


Choosing and drinking the right thermal water helps the body to correct any problems connected to the urinary tracts, the gastroenteric apparatus and the liver.

  • For the gastroenteric hepatobiliary apparatus

Dyspepsia of gastroenteric and bilious origin; irritable bowel syndrome in the version with constipation; dyskinesia of the bilious tracts with dyspepsia; chronic alithiasic cholecystitis with dyspepsia; atrophic gastritis with dyspepsia; chronic gastroduodenitis with dyspepsia.

  • For the urinary system and renal calculosis

Calculosis of the urinary tracts and relapses.

(taken from M.D. 15.12.94 and subsequent circulars 4/98 and 19/99 Health Council of the Region of Emilia Romagna)


Vaginal irrigations

The active principles of thermal waters prove to be useful allies for women’s health and general well-being. If used along with bathing in tubs, vaginal irrigations are ideal for combating inflammation and sterility, also favouring the recovery of normal pH and bacterial flora in the most natural way possible, through the beneficial properties of thermal waters.

Intestinal irrigations

Thermal water in contact with the mucous membranes favours reestablishment of the conditions for correct mobility and function of the intestine.


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