Thermal waters

A tradition with ancient origins

Well-being is the result of an individual journey that should be constructed with particular care and using competent methods and highly qualified personnel. Precisely because the result of the recognised therapeutic and beneficial properties of thermal waters, thermal well-being is authentic and scientifically proven. Furthermore, thermal spas are located in places capable of infusing serenity and inner well-being.

The thermal spas of Emilia Romagna are located in fascinating places, surrounded by the history, nature and culture of a region that has made hospitality its best-known and most highly prized feature. Age-old parks, art cities rich in old masterpieces and food and wine specialities appreciated worldwide are just some of the elements that combine to create thermal well-being in Emilia Romagna.

Added to this is the guarantee of quality service, entrusted to specialist medical staff that use innovative instruments and techniques. Prestige, modernity and millenary natural curative principles unite in buildings that have been renovated and redesigned to guarantee health, safety and well-being.


Curative virtues and well-being

Thermal well-being comes from the union of the curative virtues of natural waters and the context in which these are applied. In the case of Emilia Romagna, innovation has always represented an added value and in the thermal field is expressed through wellness and beauty treatments that complete the traditional offer.

The new elements offered by the thermal spas of Emilia Romagna, have been designed to meet the exigencies for well-being of the entire body, thus improving general health. These treatments are offered inside the thermal spas, in the same conditions of health, safety and professionalism guaranteed by therapeutic programmes using thermal waters. Technology and innovation make it possible to continue a tradition for caring for the body and mind and offer well-being “with soul”.

All the thermal waters of Emilia Romagna have excellent properties and can be used in various forms: from baths to inhalations, from mud packs to nebulizations. In every case, they offer natural pleasure.

The quality of the active principle of each thermal spa - the water - has been studied on a national scale. The NAIADE project was the most far-reaching epidemiological survey ever carried out in Italy on the scientific validity of thermal treatments. Carried out over the space of four years, from 1996 to 2000, and commissioned by the Ministry of Health, the survey incontrovertibly demonstrated the psychophysical benefits of thermal therapies that led to a reduced use of medicines (in some cases, up to 50% lower), fewer absences due to illness from school or work during the year and a better state of general health.

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