Thermal spa towns

1 region x 19 thermal spa towns = 26 spa centres! From history to health. Water that improves life

Thanks to the richness of the subsoil and the generosity of the beneficial mineral waters, this region is able to present a vast thermal offer, along with truly excellent beauty centres. The thermal spas are an integral part of Emilia Romagna, a land with soul and a land of quality that offers visitors over 100 kilometres of coastline, where each year new fashion trends and lifestyles are launched, 10 great art cities and a myriad of smaller towns where millenary history and culture are still contemporary, more than 25 great golf courses, 13 ports and cycling tourism and natural itineraries to help visitors rediscover nature. Furthermore, speed, high-technology and innovation are the hallmarks of the region’s Motor Valley and finally, there are food and wine products the world envies us, like Parmesan cheese and Parma ham…

The thermal spa centres of Emilia Romagna are wellness itineraries that mean relaxation, beauty and getting back into shape in genuine, unspoilt surroundings. There are 26 spa centres and 19 spa towns in the region's 8 provinces where holidays also benefit from the natural beauty of the surroundings. In these spas, pleasure combines with therapies and relaxation and diagnoses and treatments not only target rehabilitation, but also beauty.
The benefits of a wellness holiday at a thermal spa surrounded by nature are enjoyed daily in Emilia Romagna in breathtaking locations; on mountain slopes, near the sea or in the gently rolling hills.
As well as tranquillity and wellness at the spas, guests can take relaxing walks to breathe in the pure, balsamic and healthy air, far from the dark colours and chaos of the big cities. In fact, excursions through Emilia Romagna offer the delightful fragrances and purity of nature, whilst the food and wine offer unique and unusual flavours. The thermal spas of Emilia Romagna offer multiple therapies that include physical activity, beauty and a healthy diet.

This is a region that never fails to surprise visitors, where wellness is right at home. That’s why we've chosen to offer guests health, wellness, safety and cutting-edge technology. Come and discover our oases of wellness and beauty.

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