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Fluxus 2014-2021: two thousandth anniversary of Tiberius bridge

Fluxus 2014-2021: two thousandth anniversary of Tiberius bridge

It has been around for 2 thousand years and is one of the “pieces of history” that most characterize the city of Rimini.

It is one of the best preserved Roman monumental bridges in the world and among the most important ones. Tiberius Bridge, which is the symbol of the city, is the strategic point from which depart the roads to the North, the consular roads Popilia and Emilia, headed respectively to Piacenza and Ravenna and opening up to Central and Eastern Europe. As relevant today as it was then, the bridge connects the city centre to its oldest district dedicated to San Giuliano, one of the most characteristic areas of the city, linked to seaside tourism and the memory of the film director Fellini.

“Fluxus” is the program that will bring together the celebrations of the 2000 years since the beginning of the construction of Tiberius Bridge, which will start in spring 2014 and will unfold over a period of seven years. An exceptional opportunity to combine events, culture, and structural interventions to reconnect the sea, old town, and hinterland into a new bridge to the world.

Among the initiatives: art and archeology laboratories, workshops, meetings, theatre plays, concerts, special events, cultural, historical, artistic, architectural, urban, social, environmental routes .

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